Kiln Fired

I finally got a few fun things fired for the store in Cedar Key, they are having their yearly art festival on April 12th and 13th, I do believe this is their 50th year!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!

turtle   turtles do smile

old blue eyes S&P

cool fish side view

Bird house right side view

special note the mug and jug will be going into my etsy store soon.

happy fellow tn_100_1256

jug tn_100_1259


Beer Stein & Yarn Bowl

I have tried to get back into the swing of things, getting items ready for the store in Cedar Key as well as the Etsy Store. The two items below were added to the Ugly Mug Studio feel free to take a look and let me know what you think.

Beer Stein  Yarn Bowl





February was a difficult month for me, I lost my girl Sandy, she was my baby girl. It has been hard getting back into the swing of things because Sandy was my shop dog. When she came into the shop she would always plant herself right in my path, I would have to climb over her to get to my work. How I miss that!!!!


Etsy Store

I decided to give it a whirl and open an Etsy Store!!

The process of setting up the store was easy until the following question, NAME OF STORE. What I thought would be the easiest part turned out the most difficult.

I entered the name Connie’s Place, taken, no sweat I had several other shop names. You know I sat in front of the computer entering name after name with no success. At this point I felt it best to leave the computer room and relax.

I was kicking back in my recliner thinking about what I read in an etsy article, it said, pick a name that reflects your work. It hit me, I went back on the  internet site and entered a name, accepted!!!

Introducing you to my new Etsy store!

UglyMug Studio

Click the link in the side bar to visit my new store!


Cold in Florida

I was a little nervous running my kiln in cold weather but everything turned out fine. I had a lot of yarn bowls in this kiln firing to replace what I sold in the store but I did get to add a few fun items that I would love to share with you.

My first spoon, what do you think? People seem to like my herb containers.

Spoon   Herb Bottles

Salt & Pepper Shakers

S&P  Left handed Mug

I have created a new look for the eyes on my mugs. I love the look so far, I can not wait to try new colors. What do you think?




I wanted to share a few pictures of what just came out of the kiln.

The crabs are a hoot to create, they make me smile.

Crabby Blue Crabby Blue

Yarn Bowls, getting ready for spring.

Yarn Bowl side Yarn Bowl Inside

Last year to my surprise, as fast as I could create the skull mugs they would sell in the store!!

What can I say about my funny sponge holders!!! People still enjoy them.

Skull Mugs Sponge Holder


Glass Fusion

My experiment, fusing glass with my clay/glazes. I decided to buy colored glass to see if it was better than using marbles with my clear glaze.The brown spot was yellow glass and next to it was teal glass. Blue glass was used in the other pots. I was not sure how the pieces would melt so I did not want to add to many pieces of glass to each pot.

tn_100_1150  tn_100_1146

The glass worked well with my blue glaze, spreading nice and smooth, the edges creating the feather effect. With the clear glaze I thought if I added colored glass I would create the same effect as below.


With the darker clay I wanted to see how my black glaze would be, that did not work well, I do feel the colored glass created a nice effect though. I have decided not to work with the darker clay body because it does not work well with most of my glazes. The sad part is that I had to take my pug apart to clean out the darker clay body to go back to my original clay body. Thank goodness it was fairly easy for me to take the pug apart for its bath. ;-)


The whole kiln load was not a bust, thank goodness there were some items I felt came out to my liking. I love experimenting with new things, that is the fun part of playing in the clay. What are your thoughts on my first time experiment with fusing glass/clay ? Personally I will stick with marbles.


Happy Holidays

WOW! I can not believe another year has come and gone!

I want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!!!!

My last firing for 2013 did not turn out like I hoped, sad to say. I was experimenting with a darker clay body and glass fusion. End of year poll! How many potters fuse glass with their clay? If so what do you use? I have tried glass chunks and I have used small marbles. I must say, I think the small marbles do a better job. All a learning curve that will continue into 2014.

I did have one fun item in this load. What are your thoughts on my new flower? I can introduce new items into the store as long as it has face on it.

Spring Flowers