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Play Time! I used five different glazes for one mug, thought it would be fun to share the end results. On face book there is a potter named Ron Dahline, who does awesome glaze work. He was showing how he creates his look and I thought lets give it a whirl. I have to say it is very time-consuming but fun when you open the kiln to see all the time spent was not a total waste. Not as good as the pro’s but it did turn out cool looking.Below is the second mug.

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A few fun creatures!

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New Octopus Ring Jug and Funky Wall Hanging Fish!

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      My new style of mug!!!!  I felt some people do not want a large nose and big teeth on their mug!  The “catch” is for me to sell in the store I have to a face present, no one said where the face should be. I can create a softer style of mug but still have a subtle attitude. I have just a couple of mugs created as a trial. The other one says WHAT? with dragonfly’s on the front.

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 Last but not least my tooth-brush holders!  Having fun with the silk screen process. I have to see if the people like them as much as they did the regular funky faced ones. Recently I have added a double tooth-brush holder to the mix.



Fired Up

The finished ring jug, I was a little disappointed, my mistake I thought the octopus would look cool in the natural clay. Now after seeing the jug I feel the octopus would have been better with color.
Ring Jug

Below I wanted to share a few of the kiln mates of Mr. Octo

Red Jug  Three Pigs

Old Happy  turtles

Mug  Evil Eyes

Above beer mugs, I like the one on the left, he will go on EBay soon. I thought what the heck I am going to give it a try, wish me luck!!! ;-) The mug on the right whom I call Evil Eyes will go into my etsy store. The glaze on evil eyes did not do exactly what I thought it would do.

The jug top left was washed in iron oxide no glaze on outside but glazed inside. I really like how he turned out, I have sold a few styled this way. I am sorry about the pigs picture I tried three times to get a good picture but still a little on the fuzzy side. But I still wanted to share.

As always it is a learning experience when I open the kiln.

Ring Jug

I took this style of Beer Stein to the store in Cedar Key three weeks ago, it sold within 5 hours! I was so excited I thought I should make a couple more and see what happens.


What is your opinion of the ring jug? I think it is a fun challenge, matter of fact I think it is easier to throw a ring jug verses a regular jug. I wish I could do as some potters and be able to throw many items in a day but alias I am not great at the wheel. Heck I get excited if I can throw six mugs in a row. ;-)

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Sad to Say

The old man fell on the floor and fell to pieces!

Old Man

What a past couple of weeks I have had! I was so proud, thinking I was getting ahead, wrong! Loaded the kiln and started cooking and thought to myself I have time to work on my parents memorial garden! OUCH! I pulled my back, I really did not think it was all that bad until the next day. Walking a little slow I head out to check the kiln only to find a piece had exploded. I just closed the lid and went back inside.

A few days passed and my back was getting worse, that Sunday I was scheduled to be at the Keyhole. Luckily someone was willing to exchange days with me. I am so grateful for the added time to heal and enjoy my ice packs.

Funny how one little movement can put a kibosh to a well laid plan. I opened my kiln to a mess a little over week ago and it has taken me since then to glaze what was not damaged by the blast. My husband was so helpful by vacuuming the kiln out, adding kiln wash to the shelves and so on.

My back is improving with each day and I look forward to being at the Keyhole this Friday..

Having a little fun!

Old Man

Old Man

I have worked on items to restock the store but today I just wanted to play. I started out making thimbles, from there I made this guy sitting in his chair relaxing with his favorite beverage to a fish with a face. I must say it was good to just play with no agenda.

I am excited to see how this guy turns out in the last firing!

The latest kiln load

Wanted to share a couple of my favorite mugs that came out of this batch! I will post the other mugs on the mug page for you to view.


I am really enjoying creating bird houses lately!